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I hope that you will find things to interest you here. All 6 of the books I've written are on this site, included are my 2 Young Adult Novels along with 4 'Dave Harris' Murder Mysteries. I have included video 'Book Trailers' for all of the novels. I hope you will find them entertaining.

I have also included some interesting links for the Young Adult Series that will provide more background into the novels. Some of this information comes from my research before I began writing. On the 'Perusia' page some of my visitors might be interested in trying their hand at solving the 'A Murder in Rome' (compliments of the BBC), you'll find the link on the 'Perusia' page.

If you would like to contact me and ask any questions about my books, just click on the 'Contact' button on the Menu Bar and send me an email. I promise to answer you.


All books now available as eBooks as well as in print

All my books now available as eBooks Just click on any cover shown on the left and you will be taken to Amazon's Kindle store. You can order both the printed version as well as the eBook there. For other eBook versions, contact Smashwords by clicking on their logo below.

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The Helios

  What might happen in the world if a new discovery burst upon  the world? A stunning new source of energy that is  inexhaustible and cheap.Will it be the panacea that most say it will be? Or will it destroy the established world order and plunge all of economies of the first world into chaos?
Who is behind all this? What is the real motivation?

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to go to 'The Helios' page where you can watch the Book Trailer video and read an excerpt. Promotional offer For limited time download this eBook for just $0.99